About CAC

Since 1987, the Citizen Advocacy Center has been serving the public interest by enhancing the effectiveness and accountability of health professional oversight bodies. We offer training, research, and networking opportunities for public board members and for the health care regulatory, credentialing, and governing boards on which they serve.

Created as a support program for the thousands of public members serving on health professional boards as representatives of the consumer interest, we soon became a resource for the health professional boards themselves.

Our products and services include: 


To increase the accountability and effectiveness of health care regulatory, credentialing, oversight, and governing boards by:

  • Advocating for a significant number of public members;
  • Improving the training and effectiveness of public and professional board members;
  • Developing and advancing positions on relevant administrative and policy issues;
  • Providing training and discussion forums; and,
  • Performing clearinghouse functions for public members and other interested parties.


  • Transparency - Maximum possible openness of the policy-making process and its results;
  • Oversight and Accountability - As a necessary component of patient protection and the regulatory process;
  • Collaboration - Between consumers, health care providers, payers, regulators, and oversight organizations to support the delivery of ethical, safe, accessible quality health care;
  • Meaningful consumer representation and participation - As essential to a system that serves the public interest.