Dear Visitors

Dear Visitors to the Citizen Advocacy Center’s Website,

After more than three decades providing support and networking opportunities for public members serving on healthcare professional regulatory and credentialing bodies, CAC has been inactive since the Pandemic. We do not anticipate resuming operations but have arranged to keep this website online in its present form so public members and other interested parties can access the valuable resources posted here.  Many of the publications and other links won’t lose relevance, even as they age. 

Although we were never a large or wealthy organization, CAC is proud to have had a meaningful impact on health professional regulation and credentialing.  This was in no small measure due to the commitment and creativity of CAC’s co-founder, President and CEO, David Swankin, who passed away in August 2023.  A tribute to Dave’s life and career is here.

We do not know of another organization dedicated solely to CAC’s public interest mission.  The closest approximation of which we are aware is the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.), which sponsors a Public Member Committee committed to enhancing the public member role.  I.C.E. will also perpetuate the annual Benjamin Shimberg Public Service Award created by CAC in 2004 to honor an individual or organization for advancing the principles of public participation and accountability embraced by CAC’s first Board Chair.  For more information, visit  

Should you have questions about CAC or the contents of this website, email me at or, or phone me at 775-722-7456.  


Rebecca (Becky) LeBuhn
CAC Board Chair