Research Reports

The following list includes some reports that are no longer available. Please contact us for more information.

01Measuring Continuing Competence of Health Care Practitioners: Where Are We Now - Where Are We Headed?
02A Model Act to Improve Reporting of Adverse Actions by Health Care Organizations to State Health Professionals and Occupational Licensing Authorities
03Promoting Patient Safety: Collaboration Between Regulators and Health Care Organizations
04Consumer and Enrollee Participation in Managed Care Plan Governance, Policymaking and Operations: A Survey of Health Plans and Legal Requirements
05Removing Barriers/Improving Care: Report from a Consensus Development Project to Promote Regulatory Change That Removes Unnecessary Barriers to the Full Use of Competent Health Care Professionals in Nursing Homes
06Forum on the Regulatory Management of Chemically Dependent Health Care Practitioners: Conference Proceedings
07Hospital Reporting to State Regulators and To The National Practitioner Data Bank: What Can Be Learned to Improve Compliance with Mandatory Reporting Requirements?
08Continuing Professional Competence: Can We Assure It? (Conference Proceedings)
09The Role of Licensing in Assuring the Continuing Competence of Health Care Professionals
10Peer Review Organizations: A Survey of Organizational and Public Representation Information
11Public Representation on Health Care Regulatory, Governing, and Oversight Bodies: Strategies for Success
12The Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by Health Professional Licensing Boards
13Inter-Agency Cooperation in Resolving Quality of Care Complaints in Long-Term Care Facilities
14Licensing Board Policies for Prioritizing Complaints - Results of a Survey by the Citizen Advocacy Center
15Allocation of Decision-Making Authority Between Board Members and Staff - Ten Case Studies by the Citizen Advocacy Center
16Selecting Public Members for Health Licensing Boards - Qualities Appointment Secretaries and Public Members Consider Important - Results of a Survey by the Citizen Advocacy Center
17Should the Public Have a Right to Comment on Proposed Licensing Board Consent Orders?
18Questions Medical, Nursing and Nursing Home Administrator Boards Ask at the Time of License Renewal - A Preliminary Report from the Citizen Advocacy Center
19Recommendations for Minimum Requirements for Information to be Included in Annual Reports for Nursing Home Administrator Licensing Boards
20Public Information Programs of State Boards of Nursing - Results of a Survey by the Citizen Advocacy Center
21Medicare Peer Review Organization Outreach Programs - Results of a Survey by the Citizen Advocacy Center
22Information Exchange Between Peer Review Organizations and Medical Licensing Boards
23A Resource Guide for Responding to Attempts to Weaken State Licensing Boards by Legislating a Higher Standard of Evidence
24A Resource Guide for Medical Boards Seeking to Limit Judicial Stays of Board Disciplinary Orders
25Release of Information to the Public by State Boards of Medicine and Nursing