Citizen Advocacy Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to supporting public members serving on healthcare regulatory and oversight boards.  Over the years, it has become apparent that our programs, publications, meetings, and services are of as much value to the boards themselves as they are to the public members.  Therefore, the Citizen Advocacy Center board has decided to offer membership to health regulatory and oversight boards in order to allow the boards to take full advantage of our offerings.

We hope your board or agency decides to become a member of Citizen Advocacy Center.  Membership includes a subscription to our newsletter for all of your board members and all of your staff, as well as many other benefits.  But if you decide not to become a member, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter without becoming a member.

We provide the following services to member organizations:

  1. Free copies of our quarterly newsletter CAC News & Views, as well as free copies of all CAC publications that are available to download from our website for all of your board members and all of your staff;
  2. A 10% discount for CAC meetings, including our fall annual meeting, for all of your board members and all of your staff;
  3. A $20.00 discount for CAC webinars;
  4. If requested, a free review of your board’s website in terms of its consumer-friendliness, with suggestions for improvements;
  5. Discounted rates for CAC’s on-site training of your board on how to most effectively utilize your public members, and on how to connect with citizen and community groups to obtain their input on your board rule-making and other activities;
  6. Assistance in identifying qualified individuals for service as public members.

A list of 2018 member organizations is at Member Organizations.

If your board or agency is ready to become a member of CAC for 2019, please complete this application and return it to us by mail, fax, or as an email attachment.

We have set the annual membership fees as follows:

Individual State Regulatory Board


"Umbrella” Governmental Agency plus State Regulatory Boards$325.00 for the umbrella agency, plus $275.00 for each participating board
Non-Governmental organization


Association of regulatory agencies or organizations


Consumer advocates and other individuals not affiliated with a healthcare organization or agency