2016 Annual Meeting

You can register for our upcoming meeting by downloading the Program Announcement, Agenda, and Meeting Registration Form

On Saturday afternoon, September 17, 2016, and Sunday, September 18, 2016, immediately following the close of the CLEAR Annual Educational Conference at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, CLEAR and the Citizen Advocacy Center (CAC) will co-sponsor a national conference with the theme "Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Telehealth."  This conference will be CAC's 2016 annual meeting, and will bring stakeholders together to identify and discuss ways in which the health professional regulatory system can facilitate the use of telehealth technologies and maximize the benefits to the public, consistent with safe, quality, affordable care.  Many healthcare professionals and their respective boards are taking steps to enable the appropriate, safe use of telehealth technologies.

CAC News & Views 1st Quarter 2016 - Volume 28 Number 1

CAC News & Views 1st Quarter 2016 - Volume 28 Number 1

North Carolina Dental White Paper

This paper explores eight approaches states might take to retain immunity from federal anti-trust liability, given the North Carolina Dental decision. The discussion reflects the views of state actors, including attorneys general, who have grappled with the ramifications of the Court’s decision.  Download white paper.