2018 Annual Meeting

Our 2018 annual meeting will be held on October 16, 2018 and October 17, 2018, at Washington Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC.  The theme is “Teams: Training, Practice, Evaluation, Enforcement.”  More details will be available soon, and we will send announcements to everybody on our contact list.

Not on our contact list?  Send us an email:  Add me to your contact list.

CAC News & Views 1st Quarter 2018 - Volume 30 Number 1

CAC News & Views 1st Quarter 2018 - Volume 30 Number 1


CAC has entered into a collaboration with OpenNotes, a growing movement that promotes the sharing of healthcare practitioners’ clinical notes with their patients.  OpenNotes does not sell any products but rather is a foundation-supported initiative headquartered in Boston. The objective of this collaboration is to acquaint CAC’s audiences with the benefits of OpenNotes and thereby inspire consumers to ask their doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to adopt open notes and inspire healthcare institutions and practitioners to support the practice.  In furtherance of this objective we are introducing a new regular section in CAC News & Views on OpenNotes.

North Carolina Dental White Paper

This paper explores eight approaches states might take to retain immunity from federal anti-trust liability, given the North Carolina Dental decision. The discussion reflects the views of state actors, including attorneys general, who have grappled with the ramifications of the Court’s decision.  Download white paper.